While it is rare that one of these blogs will talk more about packaging than the contents, this is an exception. Some of our stores are carrying two Belgian beers from Brouwerij Sterkens that are available in an unusual package.  Both beers come in an earthenware crock bottle that comes with a swing top, which is far from your everyday glass bottle.  Some breweries like New Holland say that beer is art in fermented form, but in the case of these Sterkens beers, the bottles are literally a piece of artwork.  


The first in the Alchemic Ale series is Yeast Hoist, which features an original screen printed design on a white bottle by famed indie cartoonist Ron Rege Jr.  Around the neck of the bottle hangs a cartoon by Ron titled Kept in Balance by Equal Weights that is available exclusively with Yeast Hoist.  The bottle is filled with St. Sebastian Golden Ale, a Belgian Style Abbey Ale from Brouwerij Sterkens.


Second up in the Alchemic Ale series is Monster Bokrijks, a brown bottle that is taller and skinner than the short and stubby Yeast Hoist.  The beautiful screen printed art on this bottle is the works of underground comic legend Mat Brinkman.  Mat features two monsters on the front of the bottle, and two different monsters on the back.  The bottle is filled with Bokrijks Belgian Ale from Brouwerij Sterkens.


While many products feature artful designs and concepts, these earthenware bottles take beer and art to the next levelthe package is truly elevated into an art form. Which beer do you think best exemplifies art?


*Email Kyle@binnys.com to see if either of these beers are available at your local Binny's.