arboreto-9-20-2013 Introducing Arboreto, the new Italian pinot grigio exclusively at Binny's.   Sometimes it seems that all a pinot grigio has to be is clear and wet.... What makes Arboreto stand out?   "It's vibrant, with lots of tart green apple," says Binny's Wine Buyer Barbara Hermann. "It drinks like a pinot grigio that might usually cost you 18.99, only it costs half that price."   Hermann is excited to bring in this exclusive new product. "We're working with a hometown, Chicago-based importer. But she was originally from Verona, in the Veneto. She's from the same region as this wine."   What should you expect when you pour a glass of Arboreto? Light bodied and full flavored, it shows notes of orange zest, fresh melon and spiced pear. The finish is dry, tangy and delicious, with the spicy flavors lingering.     For more wine news any time, check out the Wine Hotline.