One of Binny's newest brewery's is O'so Brewing hailing from Plover, Wisconsin. There are a few things that make O'so unique, and which also make Binny's proud suppliers of them. 5% of all sales from their Memory Lane German style pilsner beer goes towards the Alzheimer's Association of Wisconsin. It's not every day that you can say you helped out the community by drinking beer, but here is your chance! Also, all brewery tour proceeds go to local charities.   Besides being awfully charitable when compared to a lot of other small brewery's, O'so crafts some extremely unique beers. For instance, their Lupulin Maximus contains at least 1 hop cone in every bottle, something we at Binny's have not seen before. Some bottles even have 4-5 hop cones in them.   Also available from O'so at Binny's is 3rd Wheel, a Belgian style blonde ale. Hop Whoopin, like Lupulin Maximus, is a hop bomb and an all out bitter assault on your taste buds. Hopdinger is a very aromatic and balanced pale ale. Finally, The Big O is a light and easy to drink beer with big citrus flavors of orange and lemon.