Olivier Krug’s presentation resonated with me early when he spoke of pairing my two passions, music and wine. “Music is important to Krug” he said, “The experience is about what you feel”. I’ve always thought of my love of wine and my love of music separately, but it was enlightening to hear him speak passionately about intertwining both. Music proved an especially apt metaphor as he presented his four wines. The first three were all top notch wines that any Champagne house could claim as a tete de cuvee. But not Krug, whose non-vintage Grand Cuvee enjoys pride of place. Compared to the first three, the Grand Cuvee is a harmonious whole, with the other three sounding a strong note.  

Oliver Krug


Clos du Mesnil 2003

One grape, one plot, one year; a true snapshot of a place and moment in time. A Champagne of finesse and great purity. He spoke of the low yield in 2003 due to the tremendous heatwave that summer. I remember living in London during that heatwave in 2003 and experiencing it firsthand. The Clos du Mesnil 2003 literally pulled memories of that summer out of my subconscious.  

Krug 2000 Vintage

Big and rounded, with gorgeous tropical notes underlined by laser focused acidity.  

Krug Rose

Almost copper like in color, a bold rose that seemed like a near perfect food wine, especially something bold like duck.  

Krug Grand Cuvee

Beautiful and complex. Sourced from 12 different years, the youngest being 2007. It almost seems unfair to compare it to another Champagne. It is a true expression of the total being greater than the sum of its parts.  


  Thoughts on the Krug philosophy: This was a tremendous opportunity, not only to sample a lineup of spectacular Champagne, but also to feel the passion of Olivier Krug. When he discussed the Champagne house’s principles he spoke of quality, consistency, and uncompromising patience as if he was describing it like a work of art. “Krug is a love story”, he said, and I truly believe him.   This is a guest post written by Chad Crosby, Wine Manager at Binny's Skokie.