Oktoberfest beer is beginning to hit our shelves, with Great Lakes and the new to Binny's Kostritzer Oktoberfest leading the pack as the first two released. Last year Great Lakes Oktoberfest was one of the first to sell out, due to it being limited in production and high in demand. Kostritzer Octoberfest debuted at Binny's this week, and is a very economical buy at $7.99 a 6-pack.   A huge misconception regarding Oktoberfest beers is that they are actually around in the month of October. While some are still left over during the month they are named after, several of the more popular ones will be long gone by the time the 10th month rolls around. The Germans start celebrating Oktoberfest in mid September, and the world's largest fair always ends on the first Sunday in October (although the last Sunday is no doubt a mega celebration). This year Oktoberfest will be celebrated from September 19th October 4th.   Oktoberfest beers are lagers, and were traditionally brewed in spring for consumption in the fall. They are usually rich and malty with an ABV around 5-6%. Malt characteristics include roasted, toasted, burnt, and caramel. These brews are usually regarded as light and refreshing, and are swell session beers.   Besides the already released Great Lakes and Kostritzer Oktoberfest beers, many additional Oktoberfest Beers will be unleashed in the coming weeks. While there is too many brews to list the entire Oktoberfest portfolio, be sure to keep an eye out at Binny's for the following Oktoberfest brews:   German Weihenstephaner Festbier Beck's Oktoberfest Ayinger Oktoberfest Spaten Oktoberfestbier Paulaner Oktoberfest Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest Warsteiner Oktoberfest   Domestic Sam Adams Octoberfest Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest Victory Festbier Flying Dog Dogtoberfest Left Hand Oktoberfest Three Floyd's Munsterfest   Chances are that just about every beer lover will be indulging in at least one Oktoberfest brew in the upcoming weeks. What will be filling your boot?