It’s finally here! This weekend officially marks the beginning of Oktoberfest in Munich. Here in the US we’ve managed to brew some pretty exemplary renditions of their famous celebratory lager. Here are four more of our favorites, perfect for hoisting!  

Oktoberfest Beer Binny's


Samuel Adams Octoberfest

One of Sam Adams finest brews, each year we look forward to this dependable favorite. Dark amber in color with sweet malt on the nose, it’s smooth and balanced with just a touch of caramel on the finish.  

Upland Oktoberfest

Upland’s Oktoberfest pours a very light amber with aromas of toffee and malted grain raising from the glass. Sweet caramel upfront is quickly replaced by a big noble hop finish. Overall a well-balanced and refreshing interpretation of the style.  

Surly SurlyFest

Surly says auf wiedersehen to convention and incorporates three different types of rye and American hops in this spicy lager. Freshly baked rye bread and grassy hops on the nose complement a hearty earthiness and zippy finish. Definitely a stand out in the sea of Oktoberfest lagers.  

Urban Chestnut Oachkatzlschwoaf Oktoberfest

Oackkatzlschwoaf, say that three times fast! Burnished copper in color with a dense white head, on the nose it’s a delicious mix of toasted malt and noble hops. Incredibly smooth on the palate, waves of malt richness are perfectly balanced by herbaceous and grassy hops. Once again one of our favorite Oktoberfest beers on the shelf.   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!