When we first heard Odell Brewing Co. planned to come to Illinois we immediately asked, “WHEN?!” Thankfully the wait is finally over. Initially inspired by the classic ales of Great Britain, this Colorado craft pioneer’s portfolio has grown to include all manner of styles. From long cherished classics, to award winning sours, Odell brings a solid selection of brews to the shelf.  

Odell Brewing Company Binny's


Odell 90 Shilling

Odell has been brewing this aromatic amber ale since they first opened their doors 28 years ago. True to its Scottish roots, it features a complex, nutty malt profile that is accented by notes of toffee and maple. Few American breweries have a Scottish ale as their flagship brew, but when you brew one as good as 90 Shilling, it’s easy to see how so many fans fell in love.  

Odell IPA

This is old school American IPA. Much like it’s English forbearers, Odell IPA features a fruity yeast strain and a solid malt backbone. Hopped with nine different varieties of American hops, the nose is spicy and piney, setting the stage for a citrusy core and a big, resin packed finish.  

Odell Runoff Red

Odell’s arrival couldn’t have come at a better time, because they bring with them this delicious Spring seasonal. A beauty of a beer to behold, this crimson classic perfectly juxtaposes earthy malt complexity with bright piney American hops. Creamy, earthy and fruity, it finishes with lovely notes of berries and spruce. If you’ve never tried a Red IPA this is the place to start.  

Odell Drumroll

The times they are a changing. APAs and IPAs keep getting cloudier, with hop bitterness playing second fiddle behind hop aroma. Odell’s Drumroll is nouveaux American Pale Ale with a solid respect for the past. Unfiltered and aromatic, juicy and refreshing, but with enough malt and bitterness to keep things interesting.  

Odell Myrcenary

Myrcenary takes its name from Myrcene, a crucial component of hop oil. As you can imagine this beer is all about the hops, throwing a big dank nose and delivering waves of grapefruit and tangerine across the palate. Prepare yourself for a big finish full of alfalfa, peppercorn and honey. Fans of Bells Hopslam need to give this a try.  

Odell Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA

Tree Shaker is not your typical fruit beer. It takes a big luscious DIPA dripping with honeyed malt and citrusy hops and adds local peaches for a remarkably nuanced stone fruit finish. An amazingly well balanced and satisfying beer – pick up this seasonal fast before it’s too late.   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!