OFallon Brewery is trying some new things this summer.  First off, they have decided to make 12 pack cans of their popular peach wheat summer beer, Wheach, which was previously only available in six pack bottles.  OFallon has also released a new and innovative beer titled Hemp Hop Rye.  This beer is brewed with rye, and yes, it is also brewed with hemp.  We arent sure if the hemp is used for actual flavor or as a marketing tool for stoners to purchase the beer, but we are sure of one thing:  this brew is delicious.


Hemp Hop Rye poured an amber color with a small head.  A twang from the rye was all over the nose and palate, as well as a subtle dryness, perhaps from the hemp.  Hints of caramel malt, as well as a faint bitterness from the hops were apparent, but for the most part both took a back seat to the spicy rye.

What will be put in our beer next?  Although there has been beers brewed with hemp in the past, it seems as if OFallons Hemp Hop Rye is the first to be distributed in Chicago.  Have you experienced a beer brewed with hemp before?