We're in the final steps of rennovating our Schaumburg store, and the new humidor is looking great! Stop by soon to see the new selection!

More Notes after the jump... Are you familiar with a Culebra? This intriguing shape in the cigar world is rarely made by manufacturers but a real pleasure to smoke, when you can find one. El Triunfador's The Old Man and the C gives you the opportunity to try this unique size.

The E.P. Carrillo 2009 limited edition Encore are smoking better then ever. We recently released a few boxes out to our stores for you to experience. I smoked one last night and it's by far one of the finest cigars that I've lit up in recent years. Our stash is getting smaller by the day, and if you want to see what aging does to a cigar, a great cigar at that, then pick up one of these beauties today!