We just received our first shipment of the new Marca Binny's 1949 Reserva. The line comes in 3 sizes, 5.625x46 (Seleccion No.1), 5.25x52 (Seleccion No.2), 6.5x54 (Seleccion No.4), and features 5 year old tobaccos from Nicaragua's Esteli and Jalapa growing regions. The blend was brought to our attention by Arsenio Ramos himself while on a trip to Miami earlier this year. We loved it so much that we decided to make an entire line out of it. Not only are these some really good tasting cigars but they're priced to enjoy, ranging from under six to under seven bucks a stick.   Marca Binny's Reserve in 3 Sizes     Check out the bands for our soon to be released Marca Binny's EXTREME. EXTREME flavor, EXTREME strength, EXTREME value! This Nicaraguan Puro will be arriving soon! Even the delivery will be EXTREME!  

Marca Binny's EXTREME Cigar Bands

      The new CLE and Asylum have just been unpacked and have hit your local Binny's. These are the new lines from Christian Eiroa, creator and former head of Camacho who's ventured on his own. Wait until you see what he's come up with - and this is just half the order!  

And that's only half the order!

    By the way, we just got back from the annual ICPCR show. Check out the Binny's Humidor facebook page to see our notes and pics from the show!