This is not your typical bundle cigar nor is it a second. What we have here are E.P. Carrillo Encore's which were rolled in 2009 and have been sitting in E.P.C.'s aging room for nearly 4 years! These were specially put away due to their slightly darker shaded wrappers and were intended to be rereleased in 2014 but we got our hands on them before that could happen! Don't miss the opportunity to smoke this $15.00 cigar at a fraction of the price. We have 250 bundles and each cigar is priced at just $5.95 with your Binny's card.

More notes after the jump... Simply delicious! The Four Kicks are here and smoking incredibly with an array of flavors that range from sweet spice, molasses, coffee bean, and a touch of orange peel. Medium to full-bodied and very well balanced.

  Binny's Gorditos, a size for any amount of time and a strength profile for any preference. Still a steal under $4.00 each.