Smoking the new Casa Magna Domus Magnus size Centuriones. A Robusto that's loaded with coffee bean and cocoa. This is just one of three new sizes in the line. Limited to only 1,000 boxes of each size.


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Have you tried the new Partagas 1845 yet? This totally new Partagas displays characteristics completely different from any other Partagas cigar ever made. Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos are held together by a Connecticut Habano binder and finished off with a beautiful Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that creates a medium to full-bodied smoking experience. A very complex blend that delivers and one that's priced for today's market. Starting at only $5.50!

Need a lighter that's light years ahead of the rest? Lotus' Black Label series provides one with a flat, yes flat, hard flame to make lighting your favorite cigars much easier. The broad flame allows for more coverage when initially trying to get your stick lit. A slick design and a lifetime warranty makes this lighter even more of a reason to own. Available at your local Binny's humidor.