Reporting in from this year's IPCPR Trade Show, Binny's cigar guy George Eshou shares his enthusiasm for all his exciting new discoveries (you can find more notes from George about the conference here and here). This time, he shares his notes on yet more cigars as well as some pretty sweet excessories that we're stoked to carry. Most of these items have already hit our humidors, so stop by soon and ask what's new.

   From George:


My Father Limited Edition

   This new limited edition release from My Father Cigars is special for a couple reasons. First, it is limited to 2,000 boxes. But the best part is who actually bunched and rolled this cigar. Jose "Pepin" Garcia and his son Jaime Garcia literally constructed each of the 24,000 cigars themselves. During any spare they had, the father and son team were sitting at the rollers table together. Jaime bunched each and every cigar and Pepin put the wrapper on. As great of a blender Pepin is, he is considered to be one of the best rollers in the world. To have him go back to his roots and roll a cigar for the public is rare and special. These medium to full bodied cigars are packed in individual coffins.


Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary

   This new cigar from Rocky celebrates the cigar superstar's fifteenth year in the industry. Made at his new factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, the cigar includes some of the finest tobaccos from Nicaragua and Ecuador. Rolled with a slight box-press, the new fifteenth anniversary is a medium bodied cigar that's rich with layers of flavor and balanced perfectly from beginning to end. While Rocky has come out with some outstanding blends in the past, this is the best I've tasted.


Guillermo Leon

   The Guillermo Leon cigars are named after the president of the La Aurora cigar company, the same maker of the La Aurora 107, La Aurora Preferidos, and many more. This new blend consists of some perfectly aged and refined Dominican and Ecuadorian tobaccos that create a medium bodied smoke. The flavors consist of a creamy core with hints of cedar, spice, and cafe con leche. A delicious cigar. Be on the lookout for this brand to make an impact on the rating board and in our humidors.


La Aurora Corojo

   La Aurora has been making cigars for over 100 years and their latest creation is strictly exclusive to brick and mortar stores. This new La Aurora uses the finest Dominican tobaccos that are married to a beautiful Ecuadorian Corojo capa leaf. It's medium bodied and produces a ton of smoke with flavors of sweet cedar, spice, and touches of caramel and cream. A very impressive cigar at the right priced right.


Vertigo Lighters

   Vertigo lighters are the entry level pieces from Lotus and come in some pretty cool designs with some pretty cool features. New to Binny's are the Blitz, Legacy, Magnum, Meteorite, Nitro and Shutter models. The entire line is priced under $20. These should be a great replacement for some other lighters we're closing out.


Savoy Humidors

   We are bringing in five new humidors from Savoy. Each will come with a Savoy humidifier and hydrometer and all will hold between 50 to 75 cigars. These are gorgeous pieces that will definitely be an eye catcher. The beautiful finishes include Bubinga, Pearwood, African Teak, Macassar, and Beetlewood.


Lotus Cutters

   We picked up two new cutters from Lotus that come with a lifetime warranty. The new Triad resembles a butterfly cut similar to the Lotus Xikar. The Prestige, pictured to the left, is a guillotine with a double punch. Both styles are priced under $25. They are clever designs that should do extremely well, especially with their price point and a lifetime warranty.

   - George Eshou


   That's it for George's report from this year's IPCPR trade show. He coulnd't fit everything into these blog posts; we have even more new cigars hitting our shelves. Stay tuned to the Binny's Cigar Blog for news from the world of cigars.