There are always new Handpicked Selections streaming in at Binny's. With all our globe-trotting - from Scotland to Kentucky, Ireland to Mexico - and first-rate distillers stopping by, there's always something in the works. Check out these four great Handpicked bourbons, with more to come!  

Bacardi Handpicked Binny's


Bacardi Limited Edition 10 Year Old Barrel Aged Rum Binny's Handpicked

  For the first time in their 153 year history, the Bacardi family invited a retailer to visit their distillery, providing access to the private collection of Bacardi family's private library of rums. The Whiskey Hotline jumped at the opportunity, sampling from the best of the best, finally developing this limited edition bottling.   Made with rums as old as 20 years, and none younger than 10, this is a rum drinker's rum, with notes of caramel, vanilla, tropical fruit – banana and pineapple. Rich and complex on its own, it retains Bacardi's trademark freshness and mixability too.   The culmination of the first ever collaboration between the Bacardi family and a retailer, Binny's is honored to launch Bacardi Limited Edition.  

Binny's Whiskey Hotline

  Cody Road

Cody Road Barrel Strength Bourbon

$44.99 Don't get confused – we've had several handpicks from our friends at Mississippi River Distilling Company. After the success (and deliciousness) of handpicked single barrels of their Cody Road Bourbon and Rye, they gave us the chance to grab this, the first ever MRDC bourbon bottled at barrel strength, a full-throttle version of their Cody Road Bourbon.   Wathens Single Barrel

Wathen's Single Barrel

$32.99 Sam Medley stopped by with some samples, and of course we couldn't refuse. These two immediately stood out - #4671 is loaded with savory herbal qualities, #7694 is dominated by fruity cherry notes. We instantly fell in love with both, so we ended up with two new Handpicked selections.   Tom's Foolery

Tom's Foolery Straight Bourbon

$39.99 Believe it or not, Binny's is the only place outside of Ohio where you can get this up-and-coming bourbon, and we like it so much we needed a barrel of our own. With loads of toffee and vanilla, this bottling is even better than when we tasted it as a sample. Bourbon insiders will find it cool that Tom's Foolery bought the smaller of the Michter's stills, the "barrel a day" still.   Wild Turkey Russel's Reserve

Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Single Barrel

$49.99 Beautiful bourbon made for drinking, not collecting. Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell did us a favor and rounded up some extra special samples for our handpicking pleasure. Russell's Reserve is always nice, with the same DNA as the other Turkeys, and ours are even more amped up than the standard Russell's. This is big, fat, chewy bourbon, with apple, baking spices, toffee and vanilla, plus the extra age in our barrels gives balance of anise spice to the bourbon's sweetness.   And Coming Soon... We have so much more on the way. How much more, you ask? In the coming weeks and months, watch for Binny's Handpicked Selections from Crown Royal, WhistlePig, two from Westland (America's best hope for micro-distilled single malt?). And of course, up to four different single barrels from Knob Creek are on their way too. And on and on. More info soon...  

Binny's Whiskey Hotline