It's called Henri Leblanc, and we think it's the best thing going for under ten bucks.   See, sometimes, we feel like real consumer advocates.   We weren't happy with inexpensive bubbly in general. We wanted to offer a value - something clean, fresh and easy to drink. We already have a good product in Cuvee Tradition, but we wanted to offer a step up in quality that's still a great value. Something wine nerds would drink, and something they wouldn't mind popping on a Wednesday. So we went to work.   It took five months. Five months of combing catalogs, tasting samples, beating up suppliers. We narrowed it down to just a few possibilities, then tasted them blind against the best of the category. That's when we found our bottle:   Orchard fruit on the nose, with citrus over granny smith apple and some cream. Creamy on the palate, with bright green apple and mineral undertones. Warm and inviting, vibrant and energetic. Drink it on its own, but we won't mind if you mix it in a mimosa or bellini. - Binny's Tasting Note   For more wine news any time, check out the Wine Hotline.