Pecatonica is not just new to Binny's, but brand new all together on the brewing stage: their beers started rolling out in their home state of Wisconsin only last week.  Several Binny's locations will be bringing in Nightfall Lager in the coming weeks--the first and currently only brew available from Pecatonica.  We do however expect to see several new releases debut from Pecatonica during the coming months.  The brewery's description of Nightfall is below:   "Nightfall Lager was born from a blend of cascade, centennial and hallertau hops, with traditional malts and pure Wisconsin water. This celebration of artisan craft beer has a flavorful balance that starts with dark chocolate, a caramel center and finishes with coffee notes. Our perfect blend of hops and malt creates a 24 IBU beer with an ABV of 5.9%"