Binnys is excited to announce that another new brewery is hitting our shelves. Fort Collins Brewery, which shares the town of Fort Collins, Colorado, with New Belgium Brewing, is bringing a portfolio of seven beers along with them to Illinois. We had a chance to try a few of their beers, and cant wait to try the others. Without further ado, we would like to give you a look into the seven new beers that will be hitting our shelves.  

Major Toms Pomegranate Wheat

A couple of us tried this atypical fruit beer while hitting the links. It is light and refreshing thus making it a good session beer. A tart and fruity aftertaste tops off the clean finish. This one is a fine beer to try if you are a fan of wheat beers or fruit beers.  

Rocky Mountain IPA

The dry hopping of this IPA adds an intense floral aroma that coincides with the strong malt backbone.  

Kidd Black Lager

This one is a schwarzbier, and this excites us since this style is fairly limited in todays market. A schwarzbier is a German style black beer that very light despite its dark and menacing color. A "dash" of smoked malt is added to create complexity.  

Z Smoked Amber Lager

This one is a German styled rauchbier, perhaps an even rarer style than the schwarzbier. Apparently more than a "dash" of smoked malt is added to this brew. This beer compliments a meal, as it is brewed to be "smoky and palatable."  

Rocky Mountain IPA

The dry hopping of this IPA adds an intense floral aroma that coincides with the strong malt backbone.  

Retro Red

Retro Red is brewed using English malts and German hops; therefore it is quite different from American red ales. It is toasty, nutty, and moderately hoppy.  

Chocolate Stout

This one is pretty light when considering stouts, as it clocks in at just under 5% ABV. This chocolate flavored brew is slightly bitter with an extremely high drinkability for the style.  

Barrel Licked Bock

This is the one that we have our eye on. Fort Collins Brewery set aside a batch of their Great American Beer Fest award winning dopple bock to be barrel aged. After aging the beer in their cellars, the dopple bock was transferred into Stranahans Colorado Whiskey barrels and aged in these for an additional eight weeks. This beer will not doubt be limited and we recommend getting your hands on it soon if you wish to try it.   If you want to experience all of Fort Collinss enticing brews but dont feel like picking up a six pack of all of them, we have good news. Fort Collins will also be releasing a lunchbox, which contains 2 each of all the beers above excluding the Barrel Licked Bock. Will you be endeavoring Fort Collins anytime soon?