New Holland has added a member to its High Gravity Series.  Beerhive Tripel is the eighth installment in the series, and believe it or not, the second tripel in the series.  Beerhive is different from Black Tulip (the other tripel and a long standing member of the series)  in that it is brewed using some exotic ingredients.  Unlike the more traditional Black Tulip, Beerhive is concocted with the addition of locally harvested spring wildflower- honey.

Beerhive is a medium brown color, a few shades darker than a traditional tripel. There is just enough honey to be a defining characteristic, but not enough to overpower the palate or bring the beer outside of the style guidelines.  Beerhive has pleasant sweet malt characteristics, as well as hints of ginger.  Beware:  This beer goes down very easy for being in excess of 9% ABV.

Beerhive isn't the first instance in which craft breweries have used honey as an ingredient in beer.  In fact there has been various beers like Bell's Hopslam that have utilized honey in the creation of world class beers.  But perhaps Beerhive is the first tripel to apply honey as an element of the brew, and that makes it unique.  What is your favorite beer that has harnessed honey as an ingredient?