Back in September during the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado, our group noticed a line of people astronomically longer than any other line. These people were lined up at The Bruery's table and patiently waiting for a sample of Black Tuesday, which is the fifth top beer on planet earth according to Binny's would like to extend a firm welcome to The Bruery, as we added this terrific brewery to our portfolio earlier this week.


The four beers that debuted from The Bruery include Orchard White, Rugbrod, Saison Rue, and 2 Turtle Doves. All four are unfiltered, bottle conditioned, and presented in a 750ml bottle with a gold cap. Last night, instead of partaking in the over crowded Black Wednesday bar scene, a few of us decided to pick up bottles of Orchard White and 2 Turtle Doves and see what the intriguing beers had to offer.


The Orchard White is the lightest offering of the four, and it clocks in at 5.7%ABV. It is a Belgian style ale brewed with spices, wheat, & oats. The first thing we noticed was a hissing sound that this beer made at us upon opening the bottle. A huge and intensely carbonated head took over the majority of our glasses, as the remainder of this living beer had a mind of its own began to slowly foam over the top of the bottle. The cloudy yellow colored Orchard White had an inch and a half head that stayed in the glass throughout. The beer is yeasty and tart, and just as carbonated in the mouth as it is in the glass. Flavors of pumpkin bread, citrus, and lavender are apparent. Spices such as coriander, ginger, and clove add to the complexity. Overall we enjoyed this brew, but don't necessarily agree with it being classified as a wit bier. It has too many cider and saison characteristics, and almost belongs in a category of its own. This is not a jab at the beer, it is simply a nod to the uniqueness.


Second up for us, and The second verse of our twelve beers of Christmas saga for The Bruery, was 2 Turtle Doves. This beer is a Belgian-style dark ale brewed with cocoa nibs & toasted pecans. The 12% ABV 2 Turtle Doves was a sharp contrast to the latter beer, as it had limited head and carbonation, and its almost black appearance was on the opposite side of the color spectrum. A big Belgian chocolate nose with hints of dark fruits filled our nostrils. The beer opened with flavors of rich chocolate, quickly followed by coffee, toffee, and a nuttiness that no doubt came from the roasted pecans. A slight sour note was evident, and coincided with very mild dark fruit flavors. Without referring to the bottle, one would never know that this beer is 12% ABV. This beer impressed Binny's beer guru Ted Sullivan so much that he could only seem to muster up the words wow when referring to 2 Turtle Doves in a recent email.


While we didn't get the chance to treat ourselves to Rugbrod or Saison Rue, we are pretty sure our curiosity will get the best of us very soon. Rugbrod is a JuleBryg- style dark rye ale, while Saison Rue is a Belgian style ale brewed with rye and brettanomyces. If you are looking for something new, innovating, and delicious, look no further than the beers of The Bruery.