In attempt to prepare for National Bourbon Day, we did a bit of research. We were happy to find ten fun facts with the help of Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Binny's Spirits Specialist, Joe Maloney. whiskey rocks 3 1. Bourbon does in fact get its name from Bourbon County. Which, sadly, used to be a part of Virginia.   2. Bourbon was declared, "America's Official Native Spirit", by an act of Congress in 1964.   3. The mash bill of Bourbon must include a minimum 51% corn.   4. Bourbon must be aged in New charred American White Oak barrels.   5. Maker's Mark, Pappy VanWinkle, Weller, Old Fitzgerald (Larceny),and Rebel Yell all use wheat in their recipe. Others use Rye.   6. Interesting tidbit: Labels stay the same, while what fills the bottle can actually change.   7. Old Fitzgerald was originally made by Stitzel-Weller Distillery, the same label is used, but currently produced by Heaven Hill's distillery(Bernheim).   8. Pappy VanWinkle used to be made at Stitzel-Weller, but is now made by Buffalo Trace. whiskey rocks 2 (1)   9. Bourbon is only made in America, and not solely in Kentucky as you may believe. In fact, we have a delicious Bourbon made in Evanston. Few Spirits makes a bourbon. Ironically, the town was dry for quite a lengthy time, 1858-1972, and was home to a leading temperance movement activist, Frances Willard. She would most certainly be shocked and upset about Bourbon production in Evanston.   10. Well this really isn't a fact, but here are some really great bourbon cocktail recipes from Four Roses.   Enjoy your bourbon on this fantastic holiday!