All this cold weather as of late was driving us a bit stir crazy, so we decided to hit the road and visit some local breweries. Our customers continue to rave about Myths and Legends Brewing Company in nearby Westmont, so we headed on over to check things out.  

Myths and Legends Tap Room

  Step inside Myths and Legends and you find yourself in a very cozy little taproom, bright and shiny brewing equipment only steps away from the bar.  

  We were happy to hear they had just bottled a coffee milk stout called The King’s Tree. So we all pulled up a barstool for a taste. In addition to this deliciously chocolatey stout we also sampled our way through a variety brews fresh from their taps. Of particular note was a delicious resin packed double IPA called King Ghidora. Part of the rotating Kaiju Series, we’d love to see this monster in a bomber sometime soon.  

Myths and Legends Binny's

  As we toured the brewing space we stopped to take a look at some barrels resting peacefully. Myths and Legends is doing some really special barrel aged brews. From toasting hazelnuts to splitting whole vanilla beans, everything is hands on and no corners are cut.  

Myths and Legends Barrels

  Myths and Legends have established a devoted local following over the past few years and after sharing some beers with them it’s easy to see why. They’re brewing and serving up some great brews in a warm and welcoming space. We thank them for their hospitality and look forward to seeing them grow in the future!  

Myths and Legends Brewing

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