More! Fruits of Summer

Whether you?re lounging in a hammock, chilling by the pool, or just coolin' off in the shade - we have a bounty of delicious berry brews perfect for these dog days of summer. Even if you're not into fruit beers, we've got a curious thing that might just change your mind.  

Fruit Beers


Short's Power of Love

Power of Love combines gourmet lemonade from Northwoods Soda & Syrup Co. with a wheat ale accented by raspberry and rosemary. Rosemary was used judiciously, providing a very nuanced herbaceousness to both the nose and finish. Fruity and flavorful, but not too sweet - this is one of the best shandies we've ever tasted.  

Forbidden Root Strawberry Basil

As we've mentioned before, Forbidden Root's meticulous experimentation with obscure ingredients makes them a standout in the Chicago craft beer scene. They've impressed us yet again with their latest offering, a refreshing strawberry hefeweizen. Perhaps a bit simpler than some of their botanical creations, but on a hot summer day it really hits the spot. Like Short's Power of Love, the herbal competent (in this case basil) adds a nice subtle freshness to both the aroma and finish.  

Founders Rubaeus

Previously only available in the summertime, the beer world spoke and Founders listened. Rubaeus is truly a beauty to behold. It pours a breathtaking crimson hue with an intoxicating fresh raspberry aroma. Brimming with jammy raspberry flavor, this is one of the best fruit beers money can buy.  

Pollyanna Summerly

If you're craving raspberry, but looking for something a touch drier than Rubaeus, Pollyanna's Summerly fits the bill. Batches of this creamy wheat are brewed with hundreds of pounds of fresh raspberries, imparting both sweet berry notes as well as a refreshing touch of tartness to the finish.  

Off Color Yuzu Fierce

Okay, so there are no berries in this one, but we're still stoked to celebrate the return of this favorite from Off Color. Unfamiliar with yuzu? This bumpy citrus fruit is famous for its tart juice and aromatic peel, making it a perfect partner for Off Color's tangy Berliner Weisse. Citrusy, tart and sessionable.  

Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin

Ok, so this one doesn't have berries in it, but it's great in the summertime and it's on sale! Pours a beautiful, brilliant golden hue with citrusy hops and pineapple on the nose. Telltale Ballast Point Sculpin flavors still shine here with big grapefruit peel giving way to ripe pineapple. A solid tropical variant that left us longing for sunny San Diego.   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!