Let's kick off a new regular feature on the Binny's Blog: a monthly roundup of new release tasting notes. The wine managers at Binny's have a monthly meeting which, after some edge-of-your-seat conversation about policy and operations, shifts into a tasting of new releases. These wines are noteworthy because they're chosen by Binny's wine managers and buyers. In short, theseare the wines that the wine geeks are geeked about.

2010 Monchhof Estate Riesling 

   Citrus and tropical fruit notes. Super spritzy on the palate. This riesling is a balance acidity and sugar. Not very complex, but fun.


2009 Zind Humbrecht Riesling

   Broad nose that shows caramel, orange. More complex and heavy than the Monchhof. Noticable crisp acidity that keeps this linear despite the extra sugar. There's a hint of stone and orange citrus, with a heavy, oily texture under the acidity.


2009 Zind Humbrect Pinot Blanc 

   Light and round on the nose. The slight spice and light fruit reminds me of homemade applesauce. Fruity and light on the palate, with crisp acidity and a flinty taste. This is fine.


2009 Louis Michel & Fils Chablis Vaillon 

   Good fruit andmore of a charred note than I'd expect in Chablis. Keeps good focus.


2010 Pichot Vouvray Domaine le Peude la Moriette

   Tropical fruit onthe nose: melon, tangerine, apricot, pineapple. It hints atsweetness. The same great fruits on the palate, and maybe honey too.This fruit-driven pleasure would be amazing with spicy (hot) asianfood.


2009 Chateau Carbonnieux Blanc Pessac Leognan

   Lime, grass and atiny amount of char. Classy, thinky wine. Somebody sittingnear me says something about "wet wool."


2009 Bridesmaid White

   The newBridesmaid wines a white and a red are blended from leftoverparcels from a couple highly regarded California wineries. I guessthat makes it a sort of declassified thing. The white is a broad andmellow and sort of reminds me of canned fruit cocktail with lots ofpears. It's weighty on the palate with low acidity and maybe a touchof sugar, just slightly sweet. Pleasing if not very complex.


2009 Chateau La Nerthe Chateauneufdu Pape Blanc

   Wow! I just love whites from the Rhone. Great dried apricot and orange, along with baking spice on the nose, which is sort of quiet. Fruity, steely in the palate over heavy fruit and earthy spice, with a noticably long finish. Delicious.


2010 Tablas Creek Patelin de TablasBlanc

   Thisis a new offering from Tablas Creek (I and other Binny's guys haveexpressed our love for Tablas Creek before) in the style of a Rhone white. The Patelin is similar to the LaNerthe Blanc, but is more fleshy and forward on the nose. It's a bigball of white fruit until the finish, which shows odd acidity. Still,an interesting new wine, and a value (more detailed info here).  


2009 Herman Story Tomboy

   Sometimes I tastea wine and just have to smile at the over-the-top character. This isone of those wines. It smells like honey and Nilla wafers. On thepalate, the wood shows through, along with heavy orange fruit. It isweighty, viscous. Maybe from the alcohol. The labels says ... er ...16.1%. This is certainly unapologetic. Limited quantities of theTomboy are available.

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