Bear with me here:   I was on the CTA Red Line heading into town for a wine tasting. I was reading a book by Gary Vaynerchuck and wondering if I were indeed 'crushing it.' My mind was on my potential to monetize social media. Deep stuff. Then a guy across the aisle from me asked if I were a student. He said he had books of poetry, and he gave half-off discounts to students. I told him that I was not a student but then added something about all of us being students of something. Then, against my better judgment, I bought his photocopied and stapled book of poetry and drawings. I thought to myself: this guy certainly is social – moreso than a person behind a computer screen. Such as all of the other people on the train, on their phones, for example. He has his medium and he is monetizing it. Somehow this doesn't count as monetizing social media.   So anyway, I wanted to remind everybody that Binny's is all over the web. We're broadening the ways you can communicate with your favorite beverage depot. Like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter. Or just stop by your favorite Binny's location and find out just how social we can be.  

     This post on the Binny's Blog is not an endorsement for photocopied subway poetry.