Something mysterious has arisen nary a mile from the woods of Waterfall Glen. Venture to the bend of a long, winding road and you’ll discover Miskatonic Brewing Company. Miskatonic pays homage to author H.P. Lovecraft, whose macabre blend of fantasy, horror and science fiction has inspired countless and varied artists over the years including the likes of: Stephen King, Mike Mignola, John Carpenter and Metallica. We were immediately intrigued and decided to pay them a visit.  

Miskatonic Mural

  Turn towards the bar and looming in the background are stacks upon stacks of empty cans waiting for their turn on the line.  

Miskatonic Cans

  After nearly a year of brewing draft only beer, brewery Manager Josh Mowry has dialed in their canning line with wizardly precision allowing Miskatonic to can two tap room favorites, Catch Penny and Wise Fool. Head Brewer John Wyzkiewicz seen here explained their ever evolving “Chapter IPA Series”.  

Miskatonic Brewer John

  Often incorporating unique grains as well as some of the rarest hops on the market, each chapter will feature a unique spin on this beloved style. We had a chance to sample Chapter 4, a wheated IPA brewed with Citra and Mandarina hops. Super juicy, with a smooth mouthfeel and a snappy finish, it was tropical delight loaded with aromas and flavors of citrus, guava and passionfruit.  

Miskatonic Barrels

  As we bellied up to the cooper clad bar we had a chance to try many of Miskatonic’s current offerings. Their draft list was quite an amalgamation, displaying both a reverence for classic brewing styles as well as an interest in explore new brewing trends. One particular standout was Angry Mob, an artfully crafted English Mild that was nutty, roasty and highly drinkable. A bit higher in ABV that a true English Mild, it’s still quite sessionable and a tasty riff on a rarely brewed style. Another delicious brew was Ingenue, a Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale that was spicy yet balanced with lovely floral and citrus notes. A fantastic brew that we hope to see in cans sooner than later.   We suggest you stop by Miskatonic, meet the gang and explore their varied line up of brews. Friendly, knowledgeable and passionate, these guys are happy to have a chat while you enjoy their handywork. Let them know what you want to see next in cans. We’ll be excited to carry it!  

Miskatonic Catch Penny

As throngs of craft devotees continue to grow, brewers have come to appreciate that while many are attracted to big flavors, not everyone is looking for big alcohol. In search of more session-able alternatives, we’ve witness the birth of the “Session IPA”. Not simply another Session IPA, Catch Penny is a unique pale ale that counterbalances malt sweetness with the spiciness of flaked rye. Light and refreshing it has an intriguingly earthy finish is underscored by notes of sweet baking spice.  

Miskatonic Wise Fool

Mention India Pale Ale and the first thing that comes to mind is hops; but ask any brewer and hops are but one element of the equation. When it comes to malt, Miskatonic’s Wise Fool IPA uses Vienna malt, which not only provides some body and color but also a biscuity note and a kiss of caramel. The finish is a softened mix of pepper, pine and citrus.   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!