We're all about cocktails here at Binny's - from the complex tastes of classic spirit cocktails to the innovate potential of beer cocktails. But one category we often neglect is wine cocktails (we usually like wine enough how it is) and especially sparkling wine cocktails. With the holidays rolling in, this is a great chance to delight and impress your friends and guests with delicious, exotic and innovative drinks.

   So we're super excited to welcome Barefooter Randy, the global ambassador for Barefoot Wine & Bubbly on his mini tour of several Binny's locatins this weekend.

   Randy will be crafting specialty sparkling cocktails for you to sample and enjoy featuring Barefoot Bubbly. For free! If you like them, maybe you'll be able to talk a recipe or two out of him. Be sure to stop by the following Binny's locations!


Binny's South Loop     Friday, November 18th, 5-8pm Binny's Downtown    Saturday, November 19th, noon-3pm Binny's Lincoln Park    Saturday, November 19th, 4:30-7:30pm Binny's Willowbrook    Sunday, November 20th, 1-4pm