Today marks the culmination of our month long American craft beer sale.  Hopefully everyone took advantage of some of the great deals, such as Lagunitas Hop Stoopid for $3.49.  The sales will continue though; tomorrow Binnys will be recognizing the stellar beers of Belgium.  For the entire month of April, more than 300 of the finest brews from our friends from across the pond will be on sale.

Looking for something new and unique from Belgium?  Try this:  Silly Pink Killer

Pink Killer is a light bodied, 5% ABV beer brewed with grapefruit and spices like coriander.  We are not talking about the grapefruit flavor that us hop heads find in our favorite IPAs either; Pink Killer gets its flavor from actual grapefruits as opposed to IPAs taking on their citric flavors from hops.  This beer has an above average carbonation with a delightful fizzy head, and a distinctive grapefruit citrus flavor to go along with its radiant pink color.  Most importantly, it is extremely refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.  Look for the label with the menacing, cartoonish dog on it.

Will you be helping Binnys celebrate the extraordinary beers of Belgium?