We finally have a suggestion for the weekly customers who come into the store and ask where the Yuengling is (Yuengling is extremely popular on the east coast, but is unavailable in Illinois). Vinyl is the newly released spring seasonal from Magic Hat Brewery, and, just like Yuengling, Vinyl is an amber lager. Yes, it may be a bit early for spring seasonals, but that doesn't change the fact that Vinyl is a tasty and refreshing brew.


The first thing you will notice when you lay eyes on Vinyl is the stunning artwork on the 6-pack and bottle labels. The artwork is courtesy of Jim Pollock, an acclaimed designer and artist from Chicago, whose works include designing rock posters for the band Phish. Vinyl pours a soft amber color with a minimal amount of head. The aroma is a gentle mix of caramel malt and grains. The flavors of the brew are for the most part subdued and mild. Caramel malt, grains, and a hint of nuttiness are evident. There is also a touch of hops on the finish that leaves a very light bitterness on the palate. We couldn't help but think that the 5.1% ABV Vinyl was highly drinkable and eerily similar to Yuengling.


Vinyl is the latest brand new seasonal offering from Magic Hat as they continue to fine-tune their seasonal lineup. Vinyl replaces H.I.P.A as the spring seasonal for the Vermont based brewery. The previous two newborn seasonals from Magic Hat include Roxy Rolles for the fall, and Howl for the winter. Judging by what we have seen Magic Hat do in the past year, we can only assume that when the hot weather rolls in, their previous summer seasonal Wacko will also bite the dust. What would you like to see Magic Hat brew next? Is there a seasonal brew from them that you that you think deserves to stick around?