The Lost Abbey brewing company released one of their award winning beers, The Angel's Share, in Illinois this week. From what I hear there are only 48 cases total that came to the land of Lincoln, and there is no doubt that they are going to be devoured hastily by beer geeks. If you are looking to pick this up at Binny's, please call first to make sure that your local store has it in stock.   The Angel's share is the Lost Abbey's most anticipated beer, and consensus says that it is their highest rated too. The Angel's share is ranked as the 12th best beer on planet earth by members of beeradvocate, and number 17 on's list of the top 50 rated beers. This beer's reputation is on par with legendary beers like Three Floyd's Dark Lord and Founder's KBS.   The Angel's Share is a barley wine, and this particular batch of Angel's share was aged in brandy barrels. Clocking in at 12.5% alcohol, this batch of Angel's Share is stronger than the previous two batches. Consequentially, The Angel's Share is boozier than ever and incorporates less carbonation as a direct result of it's heightened alcohol.   Also look for Carnevale from Lost Abbey, which was released into Illinois at the same time as The Angel's Share. Carnevale is a saison, and also has some smashing ratings to go along with it. Although I didn't hear of an exact number of cases of Carnevale that came into Illinois, I know it is just about as limited as The Angel's Share. I base this on the lack of reviews on the major beer sites pertaining to Carnevale, and the fact that it isn't even listed on Lost Abbey's website. I've had several of Lost Abbey's beers in the past and know firsthand that they live up to their reputation. Have you?