Look Into Your Future(s): Barrel to Bottle Visits En Primeur

A peak into the 2022 Bordeaux Wine Vintage

Binny’s is committed to finding world class wines for its customers, so every year we send a small group of wine consultants and buyers to En Primeur. Here, at a marathon pace, we sample hundreds of wines still in barrels to make the difficult decision of what to offer our customers as Bordeaux Futures

This week on Barrel to Bottle, we’re welcoming Bordeaux buying legend Barbara Hermann, along with wine buyer Bill Newton, Wine Educator Alicia Barrett, and Lincoln Park wine manager Ben Madeska. Fresh off their trip to France, they’ll tell you everything you need to know about the 2022 Bordeaux vintage, and about Binny’s robust futures program.

While the 2022 wines aren’t available yet, there are still some great, affordable wines that are relevant to this year’s vintage:

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