Argus Brewery is the latest brewery to hit our shelves, and it is brewed locally here in Chicago.  The father and son brewing team of Robert and Patrick Jensen are excited to sell their beers at Binnys, and we are thrilled to have them.  The duo introduced three beers to the market:  Country House Red Ale, Pegasus IPA, and McCafferys Irish Cream Ale.


The brewers at Argus enjoy the challenge of developing and distributing locally brewed beers that authentically mimic the best beers in the world.  Pegasus IPA is no exception, as the recipe is derived from a brewmaster at Smugglers brewpub in Telluride, Colorado.


We had the chance to sample Pegasus IPA, and as soon as it hit our glasses we noticed its reddish copper hue, a color a bit dark and deep when contrasted with many other IPAs.  The flavor started out with some sweet and sugary caramel malt.  The slow reacting bitterness receptors then kicked in as our mouths were coated with mild hop flavors.  Pegasus was a bit more balanced between malt and hops than many IPAs, yet was still bitter enough to bring a smile to the faces of hopheads.


If you have been to the Country House restaurant and are a beer lover, then you have probably seen the Country House Red Ale on tap.  Argus contract brews this beer for all three of the Country house locations.  The same is true for McCafferys Irish Cream Ale and Pegasus IPA, except that they are contract brewed for Ballydoyle Irish Pubs.  Now you can find these delicious beers at Binnys, in addition to these popular watering holes.


Have you had a chance to enjoy the locally brewed beers of Argus yet?