Last year, for the first time ever, The Robert Cain Brewery made its way from Liverpool to the United States.  It is safe to say that this had been a long time coming, considering beer has been crafted at the brewery since 1845.  Three of Cains brews are now set to debut in Chicago at every Binny's in the coming weeks.  

Cains calls their Dark Mild the quintessential British session beer thanks in part to its low level of hops, low carbonation, and low alcohol content.  Those things considered, the beer still has a decent body and toasty malt flavors.


Cains Bitter is another fine session beer, albeit it is more assertive in terms of hop bitterness than the Dark Mild.  Carbonation is low, and the body is light.


Cains Export Lager is, you guessed it, another quaffable, refreshing, sessionable brew. Unlike the aforementioned beers, this offering is a lager, rather than an ale.


If you enjoy award- winning, authentic English beers, then Cains should be on your must try list.