Join us for a night of microzymurgy, where we break down Bell's Black Note to it's basic elements and serve them as a flight!  

Black Note Bells


Lincoln Park Tasting Room Thursday, May 1st 6:00-8:00pm

Tickets go on sale 9am on May 1st. Call the store (312.664.4394) and they'll be available to the first 100 people who purchase. This is a first come, first served event. $30.00 gets you one pour each of Double Cream Stout (16oz), Expedition Stout (8oz), Four Roses Bourbon (1 1/2oz) and of course, Black Note (8oz.) Yeah, it's a pretty heavy flight, so we encourage you to take public transportation or schedule a ride.   Again- This is a first come, first served event. We'll start pouring at 6pm and go 'til 8pm or whenever the beer taps out, whichever comes first.