The 12th of Never is here. Golfers, boaters and fishing enthusiasts everywhere can rejoice. Lagunitas is finally canning. They invited our Beer Buzz team out to their brewery on Chicago's southwest side to see the canning line and the expanded brewery in action.  

Lagunitas Cans


12th of Never

This American Pale Ale is brewed with a blend of old and new school hops and is full of tropical hoppiness and citrus notes. The light body is pleasantly dry and makes it very easy drinking.  

Lagunitas Chicago Binny's

  Chris Myers, Lagunitas Ambassador, traveled from California to give the Beer Buzz crew one epic tour. Chris is a longtime employee of Lagunitas and had plenty to say about the ever-growing brewery. If you've been, you know just how incredibly massive it is. If you haven't, you're due for a visit. The first thing you'll notice when you walk around are the 72 750 barrel fermenters. 72 of them are running, and the additional 16 are ready to hook up when needed. Fun fact: Each 750 barrel fermenter is equal to 1130 years of drinking one 6pack a day. Woof!  

Lagunitas Chicago Brewhouse

  Additionally, two 250 Rolec brewhouses run side by side and a canning line, a kegging system and a bottling line, with a second on it's way soon, fill the rest of the floor. Their barrel aging program is constantly growing thanks to their fantastic relationship with High West Distillery. We look forward to more great beers from Lagunitas with their recent plan to expand across the country.

Lagunitas Chicago High West Distillery


Lagunitas Chicago Binny's

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