It’s that time of year again… fresh hop season! The hop harvest is a joyous occasion where freshly plucked hop cones head straight off the bines and into the kettle. Okay, in many cases it means overnighting the hops across the country, and Lagunitas did just that for their super dank, super wet and super tasty Born Yesterday Pale Ale. We wanted to be there for its birthday, so we called up our friends at Lagunitas and headed over for a visit.   Born Yesterday is all about freshness. Freshly picked hops are usually dried and processed as quickly as possible in order to prevent spoilage. For Born Yesterday, freshly picked “wet hops” from the Yakima Valley are the key component of this amazingly flavorful and aromatic brew.  

  Hop aromas and flavors fade with time, so once bottled the race is on to package and deliver this beer as quickly as possible. The long line of boxes sailing down conveyor belts display a pair of poignant reminders. Light and heat are two of the biggest enemies of beer, so whenever possible keep your beer in the dark and keep it cold.  

  Johnnie 5 is alive! All packaged up and ready for shipping, pallets of beer are delivered to the loading dock by Lagunitas’ new fleet of robots.  

  Now for the best part. Freshly poured, fresh off the line – it doesn’t get much fresher than this. 7.2% ABV and 60 IBU would be IPA territory for most breweries, but for Lagunitas it’s a soft sessionable pale, dripping with citrusy hop oil and deliciously dank resin. Close your eyes, and you’re right there in the hop fields.  

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