The popularity of Lagunitas's A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' turned it from a summer only beer to a year round offering, a feat rarely seen or accomplished in the beer world.  The immense popularity of the brew has also already sparked two spin offs:   A Little Sumpin' Extra and A Little Sumpin' Wild.  


A Little Sumpin' Extra (which is not currently available) is essentially a stronger version of the hopped up wheat beer.  We aren't sure when Lagunitas is planning on releasing the Extra version again.


A Little Sumpin' Wild just hit our shelves this week, and is also a beefed-up version of the original beer. But this time the brew is fermented with Belgian yeast that imparts huge flavors and complexities.  This is not the first time that A Little Sumpin' Wild has been released  we saw it in 22oz bombers last year. But this week the brew arrived at our stores in 6-packs. As usual, Lagunitas keeps it economical with a beer that is almost 9% ABV for $10.99.


Lagunitas keeps it exciting, seemingly always having something innovative in the works.  They are currently fashioning a brand new brew slated for a September release, that they claim will surprise everyone maybe even us!  Perhaps it is another Little Sumpin' variety?  The possibilities are limitless.  How would you like Lagunitas to tinker with their Little Sumpin' line next?