Bristling with vanilla laced red orchard fruit notes, caramel hints and baking spice following on the quick at the back stretch and far turn, today’s triple crown of Kentucky straight bourbon embodies everything you’d expect from a champion thoroughbred. Resting upon a vast bed of limestone whose mineral content ensures not only strong-boned champion stallions but also forceful whiskies whose breadth of flavors can compete with anything from Scotland or Ireland - Bourbon County enjoys advantages that are the envy of the world.  

Kentucky Bourbon Triple Crown

  Binny's Basil HaydenBasil Hayden Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey "Fresh. Rose-like. Not just one blossom: a hedgerow. Fresh wood. Earthy. Light but soft. Berry fruits. Cream. Vanilla. Trifle sponge fingers. Scented. Complex, delicate, feminine." - Michael Jackson   Binny's Baker'sBaker's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey “Lean, dry and spicy, this seven-year-old small-batch Bourbon may be reminiscent of rye whiskey. It has a mild maple scent and complex layers of vanilla, cigar wrapper, tea and orange peel, with a spicy finish. The alcohol feels moderate, even mellow, for over 100 proof.” 93 points, Kara Newman from Wine Enthusiast (September 2014)   Booker's Binny'sBooker's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey “This uncut, barrel-strength Bourbon is bold and flavorful. The caramel aroma is rich and luxe. On the palate, it’s quite tannic and drying, but the flavor shines through, showing toffee, caramel and dried cherry, with a spicy finish of clove, dried fig and date. The alcohol feels remarkably balanced despite the high proof. It needs no adornment: just add a chunk of ice and enjoy.” - 95 points, Kara Newman from Wine Enthusiast (September 2014)    

On Limestone, Thoroughbreds, and Bourbon Whiskey

  It was once submerged underneath a prehistoric inland sea; today it is encircled by the Ohio River to the north, by the Mississippian Plateau to the south and west, and by the Cumberland Plateau to the southeast. And it enjoys a renown among thoroughbred breeders - and for good reason. For just underneath rests a limestone bed, whose deposits of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous yield the blue-blue bluegrass tapestry of fertile green fields that not only lends it name to this northern region of Kentucky but also furnishes the feed and the nutrients demanded for especially strong bones and - some argue! - an aggressive spirit necessary for champion thoroughbreds.   Of course, others argue that same limestone bed ensures the forceful flavors of another uniquely aggressive spirit and champion thoroughbred - and Bourbon whiskey proprietors, connoisseurs and even grudging detractors of this distinctive national product would likely concur. First drawn to northerly Kentucky for the cold-cold springs necessary for perennial production (prior to refrigeration, groundwater proved an advantage in distillation because of its relatively uniform cool temperature - necessary for reflux - irrespective of season), over the decades proprietors and distillers came to discover that the limestone bed not only acted as a filter, weeding out the iron out of water so to speak - any iron traces would render the final distillate bitter and black. Moreover, the calcium absorbed by any groundwater as it found its way to the surface will render any enzymes more efficient as catalysts for the conversion of starches into sugars throughout mashing; likewise, higher levels of calcium render any yeasts more active, which in turn ensures a broad range of flavors and textures found in especially fine Bourbon whiskies.   A broad range of flavors and textures that you will find in today’s trifecta of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskies! Check out the Whiskey Hotline for more spirits news!