How much does a keg cost?   One of the first things we ask a customer when they ask for a keg price is which Binny's is their local one.  The reason for this is because the Chicago area is broken up into territories that are controlled by distributorships who all sell their kegs to us for different prices, which in turn means that we have to sell our kegs to you for different prices.  Your best bet is to call or email your local Binny's to inquire about keg pricing.     What size kegs do you have?   Most of the kegs available in our store will be in one of three sizes.  The first and most common is the 1/2 barrel, which is equal to 15.5 gallons.  A 1/4 barrel is exactly half the size of a ½ barrel, or 7.75 gallons.  Also becoming more common is the 1/6 barrel, which is a little over 5 gallons.     How many beers are in a keg?   A 1/2 barrel has roughly 165 12oz beers, a 1/4 barrel has 82 12oz beers, and a 1/6 barrel has about 56 12oz beers.     How many kegs will I need for a party of this size for this long?   Generally we will recommend 2 beers per person per hour for the average beer drinker.  Again this is just a rough estimate, the bottom line is that you will know how much your crowd likes to drink better than we will.     Do you have a list of kegs?   Check our website for a partial list of available kegs.  The easiest way to obtain a price is to email or call your local Binny's.     Do I need to pre-order a keg or can I just come in and pick it up?   Also available at the top of our kegs page is a list of kegs that a majority of our stores will have on hand.  This doesn't mean that the store will always have these kegs in though.  Your best bet is to reserve a keg at least 5 days in advance by calling or emailing your local Binny's; this will insure that we have time to order it for you.     Are there deposits on kegs?   Yes, refundable deposits are required on kegs and taps.  We also have tubs available to rent.