Keeper's Heart - Barrel to Bottle Welcomes Brian Nation and David Perkins

Brian Nation (formerly of Midleton) and David Perkins (formerly of High West) are two heavy hitters in the spirits industry. So, Pat was quite shocked when he heard that an upstart distillery in Minnesota had hired both of them, he had to check them out. That lead him to Keeper’s Heart, where they’re making Irishized American Whiskey and Americanized Irish Whiskey.

Right now, Keeper’s Heart is sourcing bourbon and rye from MGP in Indiana. Since last year they’ve also been laying down their own distillate. The first thing they’ve produced is an American Single Pot Still. 

Keeper’s Heart Irish + American Blended Whiskey – This is a blend of Irish Grain and Irish Single Pot Whiskies and American Rye Whiskey. Brian has brought all three component parts to try separately, just as they did during the development of this bottle.

Keeper’s Heart Irish + Bourbon Blended Whiskey – This one is obviously more on the bourbon end of the spectrum. It’s the same Irish Grain and Single Pot components with MGP bourbon instead of rye.

Keeper’s Heart Irish + American 110 Proof – Keeper’s Heart has been releasing single barrel bottles at 110 proof in different barrel finishes. It proved popular enough that they decided to release it. It’s the same component parts with a higher proof.

Keeper’s Heart 10 Year Single Malt – This one spends its last four months in Malaga wine casks. Malaga is a sweet wine from Spain. It’s often made with PX grapes, raisinated like sherry but it’s not made in Herrez so they can’t call it sherry.

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