Three Oaks, Michigan might be a small town of just 900 people, but it carries a lot of history and some great whiskey. Journeyman Distilling has called it home since the fall of 2010 with owners Bill and Johanna and an opening team of just 3 employees. Since then, Journeyman has grown to a team of 65 and is a full grain-to-glass distillery – meaning everything is done by hand. Journeyman sources their corn and grains from small family farms in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Most of their products are certified organic.  

Journeyman Distilling Bill

  As you walk around the distillery you will see E.K. Warren's name etched on many of the buildings. He was the original owner of the building in the early 1900's and ran a corset and buggy whip making factory. Ironically, Warren was a huge prohibition activist. He spent a lot of time buying up all the liquor licenses around town and even threatened to close his factory if his employees and residents in the town didn't push for prohibition. Rumor is Warren's ghost haunts the distillery - guess he wasn't too happy about the way things worked out.  

Journeyman Distilling Production Binny's

  The crew at Journeyman has been hard at work building a larger production distillery. They have a unique view of their brand new copper stills from three levels of the distillery - which includes a restaurant and massive event space.  

Journeyman Distilling Election Day Binny's

  Bill and Johanna are constantly thinking ahead. Many of the whiskey barrels have a theme such as their election day whiskey, which was put in the barrel on election day in 2012 and will be bottled before this November's election. They have a barrel of whiskey that was filled shortly after their daughter's birth, to be enjoyed in about 20 years. Journeyman carries Chicago roots as they originally began contract distilling at Koval in Chicago and they currently hold the oldest barrel of whiskey ever made in Chicago at their distillery in Three Oaks.  

Journeyman Distilling Binny's

  We are happy to bring a bit of Three Oaks back with us. Our latest additions to our Binny's Handpicked Single Barrel program include three new rye whiskies and two wheat whiskies from Journeyman. Look for these on the shelves of your favorite Binny's later this fall.  

#150801 - Buggy Whip Wheat Whiskey

Toasted wheat, brown sugar and dark rich cinnamon on the nose. Mixed flavors of breakfast cereal, caramel, butterscotch, and baked apricots on the tongue. Long finish with spice and fruit slowly fading.  

#150461 - Buggy Whip Wheat Whiskey

Soft pear notes on the nose with wheat and red berries. Orchard fruits with grain and long lasting cinnamon notes complete the taste. Very long finish.  

#150743 - Last Feather Rye Whiskey

Roasted caramel and rye with wintergreen on the nose. Taste is full of big fat, round chewy wintergreen and vanilla. Finish is long and herbal with clove and rye spice.  

#0778 - Last Feather Rye Whiskey

On the nose, large herbal wintergreen flavors alongside dark red cherries. Red fruits, anise, and wintergreen undertones along with a touch of anise fill your tastebuds. The finish is well-balanced lasting for a good amount of time.  

#0777 - Last Feather Rye Whiskey

Toasted caramel on the nose with soft wintergreen notes. On the taste, herbal wintergreen leads the way with an unexpected undertone of candied peach and soft anise. The finish is pleasant with wintergreen and anise fading slowly.   Check out the Whiskey Hotline for updates on new whiskey, tastings, sales and more!