A couple good friends of mine got together the other night for one of the Blackhawks playoff games, where grilling and good beer was a must. Before the game we casted a fishing line out in a neighbors pond, and brought a few Brooklyn Summers and Metropolitan Flywheels. Although we hate wasting beer, the fifteen pound carp made up for the bottle of Flywheel I spilled.   After some pregame fishing and some lighter brews, we moved into Dons family room, where some cellared beers started to flow during the Hawks game. First up was a Lagunitas Imperial Red aged for a year. The hops had died down a bit, but the beer held up fine and was a delightful experience. Next up was a Brooklyn Monster Ale aged for about a year and a half, and this one really got us going. In fact this beer was so scrumptious that it inspired Don to start up his own beer cellar.   Don was so enthusiastic about his experience with aged beer that when I came into work the next day, he informed me that he already had six barley wines boxed up and ready to cellar. I let him know that although I agreed that barley wines age better than any other style of beer, it might be a good experiment to mix a few other styles of beer in with them. Don obliged, and the following are his inaugural batch of cellared beers:   Avery Hog Heaven Barley Wine Southern Tier Back Burner Barley Wine Arcadia Cereal Killer Barley Wine Great Divide Old Ruffian Barley Wine Avery the Reverend Quadrupel New Holland Night Tripper Imperial Stout   What do you think of Dons choices of beers to cellar? What were the first beers you ever cellared? We will let you know how Dons beers turn out, just give us a year or two. That is assuming that Don can keep his thirsty hands off of these extraordinary beers.