Today we launch our October-long Fall Wine Sale. This is literally the largest wine sale Binny's Beverage Depot has seen in years. At least as long as I've been here. How big is it? It's so big that our signage ordering program crashed on an epic scale. It's so big that we feel sort of guilty about the amount of paper those signs used. It's so big that our graphics department dusted off the "warehouse of wine crates that reminds us of the last scene in Raiders" graphic, which is cool. It's so big that we had to iron its pants in the driveway. Okay, not that last one. Click through to see the list of stuff we can advertise. Know that there are many, many more items ... like, hundreds of more items ... with either prices or availability too low to advertise online. Sort of like a treasure hunt. Those items aren't going to last long, so shop soon.  

It's so big that our website bogged down when people found out about it and all logged in at the same time. - ed.