Hoppin Frog Brewery has been up to big things as they unleashed a duo of new beers onto the market last week. This comes shortly after releasing a limited edition whisky barrel aged version of their B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher Imperial Stout. Hoppin Frog continues down the path of doing rarer and innovative beer styles by introducing Brew Masters Abbey Belgian- Style Double IPA and Frogs Hollow Double Pumpkin Ale into the market.


American Hops come face to face with Belgian yeast and flavors in Brew Masters Abbey Belgian-Style Double IPA. Hoppin Frogs Belgian IPA seems to be a bolder and improved attempt at Americanizing this style as it is much more hoppy and less yeasty than previous Belgian IPAs we have consumed. Grapefruit and citrus flavored hops are all over, with a faint but noticeable Belgian yeast presence. The alcohol is disguised very well as this 8.5% ABV brew goes down the hatch without a problem. This is truly an impressive brew that should be on any beer lovers radar.


Hoppin Frogs attempt at a Double Pumpkin ale is a spicy and boozy concoction, clocking in at 8.4% ABV. The pumpkin flavor is definitely there, but takes a back seat to the spices and alcohol burn of this high octane brew. This could be a viable substitute if you are still waiting to get your hands on Southern Tiers Pumpking, the king of double pumpkin ales.


Hoppin Frogs portfolio now consists of thirteen different brews, many of which harness unique styles such as Black and Tan as well as the above mentioned. If you are looking to try any of the Hoppin Frog beers, now is the perfect time as Hoppin Frog hails from Akron, OH, meaning the brewery is integrated into our month long Midwestern Craft Breweries Sale. Will you be hopping to Binnys anytime soon to acquire some Hoppin Frog?