Brewers Mary Bauer and Joe Flores of Lagunitas Chicago recently led an exciting seminar on hops at Binny’s Lincoln Park. To enhance our understanding of hops, Lagunitas placed ground hops into a volcano vaporizer. As different beers from Lagunitas were sampled, attendees got a whiff of a corresponding hop used in that beer.  

Dan Hop Vapin' Lagunitas

  Lagunitas purchases most of their hops from a collective in the Pacific Northwest, which helps with consistency and supports local hop farmers. Lagunitas uses all kind of hops. In addition to Mosaic and Citra, here are a few they use the most:  

Hop Lagunitas

  Cascade: This classic multi-purpose hop is one of the most commonly used hops in craft brewing. Cascade is full of floral, citrus and spicy flavors.   Ekuanot (Ee-kwa-not): The main hop used Lagunitas latest release, 12th of Never. It provides tropical fruit, herbal and citrus flavors.   Simcoe: Born Again Yesterday is one of the Lagunitas beers that uses a bunch of Simcoe. It provides a prevalent earthy flavor along with citrus and pine.  

Lagunitas Hops

  Lagunitas is known for their super hoppy and high IBU beers. This is accomplished by, well, using a ton of hops. In addition to adding a large amount of hops to the boil, Lagunitas loves to dry hop. Dry hopping occurs post boil and it provides big hop aroma without extracting bitterness.  

Dan Schnarr Lagunitas Hop Vapin' Binny's

  Besides adding flavor and aroma, hops also help to control foam during the brewing process and their anti-microbial properties help prevent spoilage. Thanks again to Lagunitas for this education and unconventional look at hops!

Lagunitas Brewers Mary Joe

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