Chicagoans and Green Bay residents may not get along when it comes to their sports teams, but what about when it comes to their beer?  We'll see how responsive windy city folks are to drinking beer from their rivals when Binny's introduces Hinterland Brewing from Green Bay onto our shelves next week.  


Cheese-head nation will debut six beers on our shelves, all in the unique and unusual 16-ounce 4-pack bottle format.  They are:


Hinterland Pale Ale - Our signature beer. Traditional English Pale Ale. Dark golden hue. Husky grain aromas with floral hop accents.


Hinterland Amber Ale - Deep amber color. Clean roasty, slightly caramel.


Hinterland Luna Coffee Stout - Opaque, black, coffee-like character. Bold, rich and creamy, hint of chocolate in finish.


Hinterland IPA IPA has a roasty amber color with a lacey, beige head to top it off.  With citrus and floral aromas, a pronounced hop presence fills the nose.  A slightly biscuity flavor with well balanced bitterness and malty sweetness finishes with a dry mouthfeel.


Hinterland Oktoberfest Vienna Style.  Lightly filtered, golden brown, very malty and lightly hopped.  Velvet smooth mouthfeel with rich flavor.


Hinterland Door County Cherry Wheat - Crisp, clean mouthfeel and light in body. Slightly tart Montmorency cherry finish. A great summertime brew.