Just as their popularity is skyrocketing in the West, Japanese whiskies are becoming scarce. Like their Scottish counterparts, age statements are disappearing from some Japanese bottlings, giving the distilleries more flexibility as they wait for aging stocks to mature. Which is why we had to jump at the chance to grab the last few cases in the US of Suntory's masterful Hibiki 12-year-old.  

Hibiki 12 Year Whisky Binny's


Suntory Hibiki Japanese Blended Whisky Aged 12 Years

Hibiki brings together both of Suntory's malt whisky distilleries, Yamazaki and Hakushu, and their grain distillery Chita (look for a Chita bottling coming sometime in 2017). Unlike traditional Scotch distilleries, Suntory makea a variety of styles with different stills and fermentation vessels. Some of the malts in the blend pick up unique characteristics from aging in plum liqueur barrels, others are filtered through bamboo charcoal. The result is a rich whisky with notes of baking spice, dark fruit, and a hint of tropical citrus on the nose, a gently creamy palate with a long, peppery finish. This artfully layered blend is study on the complexity of subtle flavors. Grab your bottle of this world-class value now - we don't know when we'll see this beautiful whisky again.