Looking for a great gift for the beer lover in your life?  They will undoubtedly be as excited as we were when HeBrew Vertical Jewbelation gift packs showed up at our door.


A little background on HeBrew Jewbelation:  Every year, the Schmaltz Brewing Company releases a beer called Jewbelation to commemorate the anniversary of their brewery.  The beer changes though, because an additional malt and hop variety are added each year, and the beer is 1% higher in alcohol.  The number of malts, hops, and the alcohol percentage correlate with the anniversary year of the brewery, meaning that this years Jewbelation is brewed with 14 hops, 14 malts, and is 14% alcohol to commemorate the 14th anniversary of Schmaltz Brewing.


So back to those Vertical Jewbelation gift packs.  They include the previous 7 vintages of Jewbelation, starting with the 8 hop/malt/ABV Jewbelation all the way up to 14 hop/malt/ABV Jewbelation.  But the gem of the gift set is a bottle of all seven recipes of Jewbelation blended together and aged in Sazerac Rye Whiskey Barrels.  Also included in the set is a HeBrew glass, instructions on how to make a beer menorah, and candles and a bottle to help you accomplish this feat.


Dont miss your opportunity of having someone else do all of the cellaring for a monumental vertical tasting for you.  Also available from Schmaltz is the Hebrew Jewbelation 14 in 22oz bottles, a steal at $5.99.  How long do you think HeBrew can keep up the tradition of adding a malt, hop, and 1% to the ABV of the beer each year?