In the previous beer blog post, we posed the question: Are there any other breweries that have impressed you more so than Lagunitas over the last several months? It was mentioned in a comment that Great Lakes Brewery is "amongst the breweries doing great things." We whole-heartedly agree, and decided that Great Lakes deserves some recognition.   Great Lakes currently has two seasonals on the market, the first of them being the Grassroots Ale. This beer is a saison, a style long esteemed in Belgium and parts of Europe, and steadily gaining popularity with American craft brewers. Grassroots Ale is available in six packs and is a great value buy when compared to some Belgian saisons that can be over double the price for only a four pack. Grassroots Ale clocks in at 5.6% ABV and is relatively light, thus it is a stellar beer for the hastily approaching dog days of summer. From what I have heard and read and judging from personal experience when I tried Grassroots Ale, there are mixed reviews on it. Many highly acclaim the beer, saluting Great Lakes on another solid offering to add to their portfolio. Others claim that Grassroots Ale is an experiment gone wrong, and assert that Great Lakes was wide of the mark when crafting this unique saison. A couple things are for sure though, and that is that Grassroots Ale is a distinctive take on the saison style, every palate is different, and therefore only you can be the judge of this beer.   If you are reading this blog then you probably share the idea of loving when craft breweries try something new; especially top-notch breweries like Great Lakes. We can assure you that Great Lakes didnt disappoint with Glockenspiel, the most recent of Great Lakes seasonal releases. This one is a Weizenbock, which is essentially a bolder Dunkel Weizen, both of which are German styles. American craft brewers even less explore the Weizenbock style than the saison style. Clocking in at 8% ABV and available in a four pack, Glockenspiel, or any Weizenbock for that matter, are not your typical session beers. Made from 60%-70% wheat, this unfiltered brew will pour a cloudy amber color upon entering your glass of choice. Look for a spicy clove flavor from the yeast. This beer is a must try and wont be around past June, as a result we highly recommend picking some up while you have the opportunity   As craft beer lovers, we love to see experimenting by great craft breweries. There is always the notion that they might strike gold with their next trial. Upon inspection of Great Lakes website, there are 40 beers available only at their pub. A few have been bottled before, but most have only been acquirable by traveling to the brewpub. Hopefully Great Lakes will bottle some gems like Lake Erie Monster, a highly acclaimed double IPA. Is there a beer you have enjoyed at Great Lakes brewpub, or any brewpub for that matter, that you feel deserves to be bottled so the masses can take pleasure in it?