As the sea of Oktoberfest / Märzen beers steadily flood our shelves, it is certainly a good idea to be the dimorphic fish of the bunch. Great Divide displays this dimorphism well in their new beer Hoss, a Märzen style lager with a twist. This miniscule wrinkle, the addition of rye, makes Hoss stand out among the scores of Märzen beers.


A sweet and spicy caramel toffee malt aroma comprises the nose of this reddish orange brew. Dark fruits are detectable on the palate, and a spicy zing from the rye is evident but faint. Although slightly bitter and hoppy for the style, Hoss is still a properly balanced Märzen beer. A dry and earthy finish completes this enjoyable brew. Clocking at 6.2% ABV, Hoss is medium bodied and very drinkable.


While some may question whether or not Hoss is a true Märzen beer due to the slight straying from the traditional recipe with the addition of rye, we can assure you that the rye does not factor enough in affecting the style, but does manifest enough to make Hoss unique. One thing is for sure: Hoss is a pleasing late summer offering, will rank among the finest Märzen brews, and is an excellent addition to the superior Great Divide seasonal six pack line.