Positioned at the base of the Teton Mountains in the town of Victor, Idaho is the Grand Teton Brewing Company.  Grand Teton has been crafting unique beers since 1988, and this week they have finally made their way to Binnys.  Not only can we thank the brewery for their delicious beers that are now available at our stores, we can express gratitude towards them for saving over 1 billion cans and bottles from going to the trash every year.  This is because Grand Teton is credited with inventing the modern growler.

Our interests were peaked when we saw what Grand Teton was sending to our stores.  Only one of the five beers available is part of their everyday lineup (which consists of 6 beers).  Two are seasonal brews, one is part of their Cellar Reserve series, and one is part of their Big Beers in a Big Bottle series.  Below is what you will now find on our shelves:

Bitch Creek ESB:  ESB usually stands for Extra Special Bitter in the beer world, but Bitch Creek calls itself an Extra Special Brown.  A colleague called this the best ESB he has ever had.  Looks like many beer festivals have agreed, as Bitch Creek has taken home gold medals at several beer festivals, including the Great American Beer Festival.  The interesting part is that it has been awarded medals for being both an ESB and a brown ale.

Lost Continent Double IPA:  This seasonal offering is a recent concoction for Grand Teton, as it was brewed for the second time this year.  This hoppy brew is loaded with grapefruit, tangerine, and zesty fruit flavors.  It is an easy drinker for being 8% ABV.

Black Cauldron Imperial Stout:  Like the above mentioned beer, Black Cauldron is a seasonal brew, and 8% ABV.  This thick and menacing brew is loaded with caramel, coffee, and chocolate flavors.  It is brewed to recognize and honor the women in the history of brewing.

Trout Hop Black IPA:  The production quantity of beers in Grand Tetons Cellar Reserve line are extremely limited, and Trout Hop Black Hop falls into this category.  It has the color of a deep and thick malty brew minus the thick body.  The body is instead laden with piney and spicy hops.


Sheep Eater Scotch Ale:  This offering is part of Grand Tetons Big Beers in a Big Bottle series, and is literally in a uniquely large one liter bottle.  Brewed with peat smoked malt and gently hopped, Sheep Eater is sweet and awfully drinkable.

The majority of our stores have several of the Grand Teton offerings.  If you wish to see if any of the aforementioned beers are available at your local Binnys, email Kyle@binnys.com.